More than one version?

I have seen the version on the "Origins of Animation" DVD, and one on a tape called "Before Mickey..." The version on the "Origins" DVD ends with the chalkboard. The "Before Mickey" tape then switches to drawing on paper. Could this be a scene from another animation short tacked on? Or was it a deliberate edit?

I wonder if it was a deliberate editing of the short due to the offensive nature of the drawings. The forst dawing consists of the artist writing "COON" on the paper, then drawing around the word, turning the "C" into an ear, the "OO" into eyes, and the "N" into another ear. The drawing was a typical of the time poor characature of a black man.

He then writes "Cohen" and procedes to draw a jewish man.


The Coon and Cohen part is from Lightning Sketches (1907).