May just be one of the funniest, most popular YouTube channels around! With inventive editing and music-dubbing, writing, ad-libbing, and acting, June Lapine plays ShoeOnHead to a tee. Some trademarks are her varied vocal tics, like her catchphrase, her scream NopoooO! and He-LOH,glad..tyo be back.

Part of a Shoe0nHead experience is the phrasing of her voice, her honest doubting of feminists, her based expressions of political opinions, and more recent this year, her Hell World series (see YouTube!) (Only wish it would play for part one automatically;I hate the "adult content; care to continue" manual click lol).

Shoe is one of the great conservative types among youtube women along with MechaRandom, That Star Wars Girl (Anna Mellow), TreeHouse News, Truth Factoiry,ewtc. Only her political views do get hard to pin down,though.