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Why is he running for president?

Hillary was never able to answer that question. Inside sources always claimed it was the one question that made her most furious. She was running for the same reason all the corruptocrats run, maintain the status quo. More wars, more bailouts, more government schemes of all kinds. What better position to be in to enrich yourself? Good for her, but why would we vote for her instead of literally anyone else on the planet who would have done the exact same thing?

Trump certainly didn't run to enrich himself as is often claimed. He was already a billionaire and took the most politically incorrect poisitions possible. Every business cut ties with him. He's dropped a couple hundred places on Forbes richest people list. He's going to be the only president to leave office with less money than when he went in. Trump ran on issues. He's the only modern president to have done that and no one can deny it. Ask anyone why Trump ran and they know it was to "build the wall" or stop immigration or whatever. Rightly or wrongly.

You can't say that about any other president. Obama? He ran on "hope and change" or some sort of vague rebuke of Bush era excess. That's above average I guess. Bush? Uhhh, because his dad was president? Bill Clinton? Not NAFTA, since Bush was also in favor of it. Face it, nobody has any idea why these people ran, even after 8 years in office. Don't even mention the losers. People barely remember Bob Dole's name less yet anything about him. The only thing remarkable about Mitt Romney was that Obama's namesake legislation was actually his own.

So let's look at the 2020 Democrat candidates. Tulsi Gabbard is running to end the wars. Andrew Yanglin is running on giving us each $1000. Very clear cut, sorta single issue candidates. Bernie Sanders is running on a grab bag of socialist policies (half of them the same as what Trump called for in 2016). Fake Indian woman is running on pretending to drink beer with her pretend husband, and maybe also on breaking up tech companies because they don't censor conservatives enough. Maybe it's too early to tell but she does seem to have a reason of some sort. Going down the list, Joe Biden, Corey Booker, Klobouchar, Jillibrand, Kamala, as we go from more outsiders to more insiders, we see the familiar pattern. Aversion to policy. Dependence on media to curate an image. The cool foreign lady. The definitely-not-creepy old man. Trump may have bragged about sexual assault, but Joe Biden actually does it, on camera. Outsiders need to take political positions to get attention. Insiders have to hide their horrendous records to protect their reputations.

So where does Beto fit in? Liberal fans of his tell us to focus on issues not distractions like skateboarding. Well we already know that's a lie. That's the last thing they want. It's also a little bit ironic when Beto seems to be the one using the skateboard for distraction. I don't know what his positions are. Liberals don't either or they would just say so. It feels like they're hiding something we're not supposed to know. I heard him say he wants to tear down the border wall. I also heard he supported it in the past. That's typical. He could still run on this issue. It's still early. But these are bad signs in terms of authenticity. He decides he wants to run, and only later comes up with a reason why? That's backwards. That's manufactured.

I think a lot of liberals have some very wrong illusions about Trump. They claim Trump didn't really want to be president, that he would resign, that he just wanted to make money, that he didn't know anything about anything, that he won because he was a celebrity or because he behaves badly or because America is deplorable, etc... Maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the back of their minds, they are admitting to themselves that Hillary not Trump ran a divisive identity politics campaign and lost because she alienated too many people who didn't fit into politically correct special interest groups. They don't want to take those chances this time, and they think Beto is a nice respectable white man-child who can beat a bigoted hateful man-baby. Wrong. Liberals are not doing an honest assessment of why Trump won until they can admit that Trump ran on issues first and foremost. That's how he as an outsider changed the game. 2016 was not qualified female versus unqualified man, as they thought. The battle lines were drawn on a very different axis. Man-child is not going to cut it in 2020. You have to have issues of your own, or challenge Trump on failing to deliver. Dire histerical predictions like "Trump is going to start nuclear war" won't work either, especially the second time.

I don't think Beto has a chance. His drug use only adds to his image as a blank slate which is exactly the wrong approach. No one is going to out-Trump Trump on personality. Forget about it.


O'Rourke knows he won't get the nomination, but he is hoping to be picked for Vice-President.


That is quite possible. It's also possible that he thinks he's destined. He's had a lot of half-wits telling him he's the next Bobby Kennedy.


he will be a great president...


Why do you think so?