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Writes piece for POLITICO Playbook. Staff melt down and need therapy!

Reasonable article about how Democrats blame all Republicans for Capital riots, not just Trump.

SJW staff revolt. Even WaPo said they went to far.

The Politico newsroom melted into predictable chaos after Ben Shapiro guest-authored its sacred Playbook newsletter on Thursday, one day after MSNBC host Chris Hayes did the same. The Online Left used that juxtaposition to rail against the “both sides” ethos they believe dominates the corporate press, which equates mainstream conservatives with mainstream progressives.

A tweet Shapiro posted amidst the uproar captures the dynamic impeccably. He wrote:

> My point: conservatives believe that Leftists want to ostracize them as evil, and then shut them down
> Politico staff: conservatives ought to be ostracized as evil and then shut down

But even that’s not really the best reason the corporate press should welcome Shapiro’s contributions. He’s worth listening to because he’s smart, reasonable, and decent, and even people who hate everything about him should at least be able to concede he’s hardly a bigot.

Politico holds therapy session after staff 'melts down' over Ben Shapiro article