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Trying to contact him

I've been trying to contact Mr. Fragoso for a while now because I have a question about an item on the Ultimate3DHeaven website. I've emailed him at two different email addresses, as well as through eBay, since it turned out that an item I bought there was sent by him. I received no reply from either of the three methods.

I know from the past that he doesn't reply to inquiries on a regular basis. I did get lucky once and received a reply one time about 3 or 4 years ago. He seems to be a cool guy and I've bought a good number of great field-sequential or other type of 3D items from him in the past.

If you see this post, Carl, email me at [email protected] I just want to know if the e-Dimensional 3D glasses combo/set (for LCD monitors) is still available. There is no "Add To Cart" button on the page for it, but I thought maybe it's just an error on the site that you may not have noticed. Anyway, let me know. Also, are "Vampire Club" or the 6 through 8 volumes of Bikini Beach Babes ever going to be available?