No more Harley

overexposure will hurt her career


I Agree With No More Harley But if This New Harley Quinn Movie Flops I Don't Think it Will Hurt Her Career She Will Bounce With A Good Movie After That


She signed up for Barbie movie 😄


I agree. I hate that horrible, stupid-looking, open-mouthed smile you see everywhere. That alone keeps me from watching either movie.


so Has Wonder Woman hurt Gals Career GTFO with this post


BOP is flopping, despite decent reviews


she is gonna reprise her role in The Standalone Sequel The Suicide Squad


which may also flop without Batman, Joker and Will Smith


batman and Joker were alluded to in BOP there in play Like Cavills Superman


why do you want DC To Fail there better than the cookie cutter MCU



‘Birds Of Prey’ Not OK With $33M+ Opening


While I'm going to wait until sunday and actuals to come out to really dive into this

But WOW!

This is just a monster disappointment, and really shows the difference between Marvel Studios and WB....

WB is Now Batting 50/50 over there last 6 movies

Justice League, Shazam and Now Birds of Prey Will all either LOSE Money or Make NO PROFIT

WB has now made 3 DC films with "Smaller Budgets" and 2 of the 3 have Badly disappointed and Will result in NO PROFIT

and the 1 big hit WB had with a "Smaller budget" in Joker, WB completely self destructed and cost themselves thier 1 SHOT at "Disney Type" Profit and LOST over 300 Million dollars of Jokers profit by not having the confidence in the film to Finance it themselves

But for me the biggy here is, This is now the 2nd straight DC film WB has tried to Start based on lesser known characters and for whatever reason despite making what appears to be good Movies, BOTH Shazam and Now Birds of Prey have just completely failed to hit or take off with audiences.

WB Just doesnt seem to have the abilty to sell or start DC movies based on Lesser Known characters Like Marvel Studios does

I mean One could absolutely argue Ant-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange and even Black Panther were every bit or more the "Unknown characters" that Shazam and Harley Quinn/BOP" were....and yet somehow Marvel Studios is taking Unknown/Lesser Characters that have never been in a motion picture before and are turning them into UBER Franchises that are opening to 200 M+, 90 M+, 80 M+ and 57/75 M+

I guess this really shows the power of a "Cinematic Universe" and Building a Fanbase that cares about each up coming movie

this doesnt look good for WB....Outside "A-List" DC characters they seem to be completely striking out

WB clearly wants to expand what kind of movies they make, They dont want to keep making ONLY Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman and Joker movies

they want to make DC films based on different and Lesser known er, They are looking at Marvel Studios that are 23 films deep that have had UBER success with Lesser known characters, and WB wants that....

But Man this is a shot to the NUTS(no a DOUBLE shot to the buts).....BOTH attempts WB made to start new franchise based on lesser known characters have now pretty much went down in flames and the scary part is again, It seems they actually made good movies.....worse Its just a complete REJECTION/lack of care from fans and audiences of the movies....

again this GOES back entirely to WB's Blueprint and it seems WB just completely got it wrong....

They saw Marvel Studios success with lesser known characters, and thought they could replicate it, But APPARENTLY It seems WB did not realize JUST HOW Important A shared "Cinematic Universe" with a decade of successful films that build a brand and audience is....

WB simply couldnt get audiences to care about these "Lesser known characters" films

anyways more on Sunday....

WB has to be in shock right now......Man they must also be HORRIFIED at The thought of what the drop for "The Suicide Squad" is gonna do after this kind of complete box office collapse....

and Man With A Near 100 Million drop from Suicide Squad to Birds of Prey....

WB cant be feeling good about a potential Shazam 2, I bet Shazam 2's budget is about to go from "small to tiny"....


They DO NOT KNOW how to write movies.

I was stupid enough to see suicide squad and will not pay for this.

The Joker in Suicide Squad was like a dumb Frank Miller version, that was nothing like the character. People want to see Joker, being insane and coming up with crazy ideas. Harley is his ABUSED INSANE GIRLFRIEND, and people want to see that. All of the DC cartoon movies are one point, so how is it that these very expensive movies aren't?!

No one wants to see a Harley only movie, or a Joker only movie, or a Batman that isn't in the DC universe movie, and so on.

Their source material has been popular since the goddamn 30s and so use that!

They are a pack of retards. They must be hiring writers how have the "auteur" mentality and believe they can create their own stories. They can't and it will always suck.

Fox does that same thing with X-Men.


They Still have The Highly-Anticipated Tenet and Dune to compensate Reception has been positive on twitter WB is looking at critical reaction instead of BO numbers


Yea cuz it will expose her talentless flaws.


Don't really care much for this character or the film but damn if Margot Robbie doesn't seem to be in everything these days. I remember being shocked when she had a small part in this little known British horror movie called Slaughterhouse Rulez I was watching a month or so ago, thinking how this big name actress that I keep seeing everywhere even ended up in this? I do wonder whether people might start getting sick of her before long.