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Shut up a little!

Does anyone else think he just TALKS TOO DAMN MUCH during NFL broadcasts?

I started muting the TV during the AFC Championship Game on 29-Jan-2023 and just saying SHUT UP to the TV. He goes on and on and on, just never shuts up.

I also think he’s “too technical” when it comes to discussing the offense & defense. OK I never played High School football, I’m just a fan. But I have no idea what “cover 2” is. I don’t know what “one defender up high” means. Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, and John Madden didn’t used to talk this language. I think he needs to bring it down a notch for casual viewers.


Ya I agree. He does try to explain it for us tho. And I do like it when he predicts the next play. He does it with amazing accuracy.
Maybe he gets paid by the word.


LOL paid by the word would explain a lot!

I agree he's often right about what the next play is going to be, and pretty accurate on penalties. Sometimes he's wrong though too.


It's his job to talk, so I'm not sure what the problem is. He does a fantastic job of explaining what's going on after each play.

I guess if all you want to do is watch big, fast men bang into each other for 3 hours, then he can get annoying. But for viewers that want some insight into what happened and why, he's among the best.

If you watch NFL and have no idea what cover 2 is, then maybe you should just mute the broadcast altogether. Maybe find something else to do while the game is on and just check in on occasion.


You're a jerk and a bully, and most likely don't have many friends. Nobody wants to be friends with a bully. Think about it, and maybe do some self-reflection.

No, I don't f'ing know what f'ing Cover 2 is. So just shoot me then. I guess I could go look it up. OK got it. I still like the more common terms like "Zone", "Man-to-Man", or "double coverage" better.

I agree that sometimes his insight as a former NFL quarterback contributes nicely to the commentary. Though he was dead wrong about Mahomo's "High Ankle Sprain" greatly impacting his play. And overall, he just talks too damn much. And sometimes goes over the head of the casual viewer. I am a strong proponent of "everything in moderation". He's too much. Years back one of the networks tried a broadcast with no play-by-play. That was a flop. That's taking it to the opposite extreme. Not what I'm asking for.

When available, I try to synch up the local radio broadcast with the TV broadcast. It's a bit annoying when there's no commentary during instant replay, and you miss the sideline commentary as well. But much more enjoyable.


I just wish the NFL would do more as far as racial justice goes in America. Having phrases printed behind end zones and on the back of players helmets is not enough. I think they should replace the numeric yard numbers on the field with important racial justice phrases such as Inspire Change, End Racism, or It takes all of us, etc. With viewership at all time highs, the NFL should take advantage of this.


said the sarcastic troll. And no way is viewership at all time highs, mainly because of all that crap.

Down 3%