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I love Armie...but his performances....

Armie Hammer has strikingly handsome looks; however, his performances are of himself playing none other than..himself. Zero-emotion. Zero character immersion. The only change I have ever seen from him in ANY character, is the speed of his lines. Either it's slow (i.e. CMBYN) or fast (i.e. Social Network, J. Edgar)

He realllllly needs to work on his dialogue delivery. Some of his dialogue could be so powerful, but as soon as he says strikes zero emotion in the audience. I never feel sold on any of his characters. He literally plays himself. The only reason CMBYN did so well is because of Timothee Chalamet's outstanding raw/organic talent. That kid gets you so lost within his character.


Timothee Chalamet repulses me, and I doubt he is a good actor, people get caught up in the hype. As far as Armie goes, he is not that handsome, on first sight you think he's great but once you look deeper you realize just how unattractive he is. He can't act and his voice is part of the problem. People rave on it but his voice is like death itself. It has all the qualities of death: cold, awful, emotionless, still, decayed. It's a truly awful, awful voice. If anything he is an example of tenacity, the devastating article written about him, 10 years of trying to make Armie Hammer happen hits it on the head, but it failed to mention that his 10 year shakespearean struggle to be taken seriously is now beginning to work. But it's not too late, if enough of us actually say the truth, he may go away. Maybe in a post Weinstein world, there will be no room for any more untalented actors, who knows.