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Tucker Carlson interviewed for 3 hours by Lex Fridman about his Putin interview.

Tucker Carlson: Putin, Navalny, Trump, CIA, NSA, War, Politics & Freedom | Lex Fridman Podcast #414 ( 3 hours, well worth the time )

Tucker Carlson was advised by his team of lawyers not to go to Russia and do this interview with Putin. They told him that he was likely to be arrested on his return by the CIA/NSA.FBI, whatever.

He did it anyway because he feels it is his right as an American with the right of Free Speech to talk to anyone in the world he might want to. I have to respect the guy just for that.

I noticed that when his Putin interview came out all the attention and focus was on Tucker Carlson, so loud and angry that the content of what Putin said was completely glossed over - and this was across all our supposedly free speech media networks - owned by a monopolistic consoritum of military corporations and billionaires.

Carlson was ridiculed for his amazement at the standard of the Russian cities where he visited. The subways and the super-markets were particular targets of ridicule. He makes the points that when he was a kid American cities were nice like this too, and that his point was not so much to praise Russia, but to pose the question, if Russia can do this under Putin with all the sanctions that America has imposed on it, what is wrong with our country that we have let everything go to hell.

Carlson's point is a very valid one, but I think his conclusions are muddy and incoherent. I used to see this as his bad character, but now I more see it as he is just as clueless as everyone else and trying to make sense of it by piecing together the small pieces of the puzzle that ever he gets.


If he is really trying to make sense of the world by putting pieces together...

that is

A good faith on his part.

B. A GREAT way for a journalist to be.

C. so much better than the vast majority of "reporters" or other talking heads out there.


"Russian cities"

You mean Moscow.


He went to a French supermarket in Moscow and marveled at things you can already get in the US. Including coin deposit shopping trolleys which he claims prevents criminals (by which he means the homeless) from stealing them.


Listen at 41:00 to what he has to say about Moscow.
The gist of what I get from it is that he was surprised that Moscow was so much nicer than his expectations. His point which I agree with or at least wonder why, it is, that if poor Russian can do this under Putin, why can't the US offer as good presentation and life to Americans. Point being, we are settling for shitty governance.

The thing I would criticize Tucker Carlson on is that he pretends not to know why that is, or semi-blames it on woke or everything but that the super-rich have taken over the government and kept all the money while stomping more on American workers and public infrastructure. It's not that hard to understand when the American tax system rewards criminality that criminals prosper and take over at the highest levels.


Everyone knows, and no-one denied how Moscow is. It's literally the main hub of Russia - a nation of 140 million people.

Why won't you watch this?


> Why won't you watch this?

Because you are total ankle-biting 3 minute trolling twit. What's your problem Skurvy?


You're so impressed with that Tucker Carlson supermarket skit, I wonder if you wanted to see an actual Russian deconstruct it.


1. I am not impressed with what Tucker Carlson said about the supermarket. Why do you have to express stuff like this is a propagandistic insulting way diminishing my opinion by mischaracterizing it. ALL THE TIME, your every moronic post is some version of this. Is this some skill you learned or is just sock-bot programming combined with AI?

2. You don't acknowledge the stupidity of your cherry-picking of one Russian point of view in a field where that view is uplifted by the absurd BS narrative the US pushes about Russia.

Everything you post is just a waste of time, like an eternal nag.


1. Okay then. Just wanted to make sure. Tucker Carlson showed he doesn't understand Russia, nor economics in his weird sucking off of Moscow.

2. The only other Russian point of view you seem content to listen to is.... Putin. That's it.


Why would you trust anything that is said by a grown man who claims he doesn't understand how to pronounce "kilogram"? Did he ever film himself in one of the shitty US supermarkets he's comparing with and that he's supposedly familiar with?


You would not trust a man who you knew nothing about other than he some number of times mispronounced the word kilogram?

I'd say TC is right that US infrastructure is embarrasing to America, and that Americans should not accept this level of governance that results in this.

The problem with TC is that either he has no idea what this is, or he is lying to protect Conservatives who in practice bring about a government that forces this on the country.


No he didn't mispronounce a word sometimes. He pretended he couldn't pronounce it. The guy is a proven liar. Nothing he does on TV can be accepted as anything other than performative.

Why did he go to Russia (well, spend a day in Moscow, to be more precise) to discover if infrastructure in America is embarrassing?


I don't have time and span attention for 3 hours to listen to that putin puppet.

His team of lawyers are smarter than him. But at this point he is so deep down in treason and serving russia that when russia ordered him to come - he could not say "no". And he cemented his status as traitor and "russian b*tch" for eternity.

And on top of that he did that idiotic "supermarket snl scetch" and turned himself into clown.

No one cared to listen what putin will say because he would not say anything new. He is crazy dictator who just repeats same thing over and over again. It's only those silly brainless maga idiots hyped themselves like putin will actually reveal to them Some Groundbreaking Truth That Will Change All. Then were sitting and listening how old crazy grandpa read them history lecture of russia or Ukraine or whatever that was. It was hilarious.

What "amazement at the standard of the Russian cities"? He visited one - capital. There is normal life in 2 russian cities - moscow and peterburg. That's where all money go. All other cities are shitholes. That's why all russians dream to relocate to moscow.


> I don't have time and span attention for 3 hours to listen to that putin puppet.

Simple, then STFU.


Some advice for Fucker Cartoon: "Eddy Snowden"




Move to Russian and the feds won't bother him. I'm pretty sure NSA is monitoring any calls he makes to Putin's thugs. Yes, that's legal!


Unless you like making clueless non-fact based silly comments, you could benefit from listening to his interview.