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Watched "Penny Dreadful" and EG has to be the finest working actress

I'll tell you, this former "Bond girl" has to be the finest working actress today. I hadn't seen her in much except Casino Royale and then Miss Peregine, but as someone who has spent a lifetime studying film and grown up surrounded by actors, I can honestly state that this lady has to be one of the biggest talents of ever on the screen. She was absolutely amazing in the series Penny Dreadful. She can handle anything thrown at her -- from light comedy to heavy heavy drama. She manages to summon up an intensity that is breathtaking. If there's a modern day Maria Falconetti (has there ever been?) I would place Eva Green on that pedestal. Incredibly focused and intense, able to project such intelligence and feeling. In a sense, her career is really just starting and I hope more directors put her into roles that will allow her to claim her place as one of the greats. Boy, I hate to gush, it's so embarrassing, but I just finished this series as she kept me memorized throughout. I checked to see if she won an Emmy, but I see she was never even nominated as Best Actress. Is that because it was a British series? Maybe I don't know the rules of the Emmys. But it doesn't matter. I'm just so impressed with her. She run rings around all our American female stars. When I think of the kudos Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson get and then see an actress like Eva Green, it's like comparing a high school production to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Wow, Eva Green is just so brilliant.


All perfectly said. Couldn't put it better myself :)

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