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whats her best work outside of casino royale and PD?

As an eva green fan I wish to see her in more things. I've seen 300 rise of an empire, a bad movie which is made good and watchable simply on her performance alone. Didn't like white bird in a blizzard and need to finish cracks

So yeah, what's her best work outside of those 2 things? Franklyn seems kind of cool


You should check out "Perfect Sense", "The Dreamers", and the "Salvation". "Womb" was a strange but an interesting film. "Franklyn" is decent also. "Sin City 2" is not as interesting as the first one but her performance makes it watchable. She also has a part in "Kingdom of Heaven" but if you're gonna check that, make sure it to be director's cut as it's much better than theatrical version.
If you like Tim Burton stuff, give "Dark Shadows" and "Miss Peregrine" a try.


Based on how much enjoyment I got out of them, here is my personal ranking of her best roles, which in turn sort of answers your question in terms of where I'd rank them in comparison to CR and PD:

1. 300: Rise of an Empire
2. STARZ's Camelot
3. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
4. Penny Dreadful (3 and 4 are VERY close though, for me)
5. Kingdom of Heaven (director's cut)
6. Casino Royale
7. The Dreamers

Gets a bit tougher for me to rank them, after those. lol

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The Dreamers
Perfect Sense
Camelot (watch it for her performance)
The Salvation


Well in my opinion of course.

The Dreamers (2003) Bernardo Bertolucci last great film, Eva Green definitely stands out and this is before she went with her black hair and white make up look of recent years. But she's really good in this, her debut performance. Put her on the map.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Get the directors cut, she has a much bigger part in it and delivers a very good performance.

Cracks (2009) probably her best performance to date for me. Sadly underseen by many.

Womb (2010) and Perfect Sense (2011) both little seen British indie films and both have two of Green's better roles. Especially Womb.

300: Rise of The Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014), both films aren't great compared to the first films. But Green is the best thing in both, probably more so in 300. She gets naked in both which helps lol.

She's not come close to the performance in Cracks in her film career, and her most iconic role is probably Casino Royale. Her best work has probably been on TV with Camelot and Penny Dreadful. Her film career has been patchy at best. She seems happy to do co starring roles in Indies and her odd roles in blockbusters haven't done well in the box office.


I loved seeing her as Serafina Pekkala (the Queen of the witches) in "The Golden Compass," though it was a minor role.