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Why Don't Prisons Accept Very Rich People?

Do prisons have something against people who make boat loads (plane loads in this case) of money. I remember the crazy Dupont guy years ago. He was rich and went to prison( I think). Are there any other very rich people who went to prison. I'm not talking about slightly rich people like athletes(Mike Tyson ex.) or even Martha Stewart. I'm thinking RICH people.



Martha Stewart was a billionaire when she served five months for insider trading, so I think that qualifies as RICH.

Still, I can't help but think part of the reason Stewart got jailed is because she was a bit naive and wasn't accustomed to playing vicious hardball on that level, or she well could have kept herself out of prison. Does anyone for a minute think if it were Teflon Don instead of Stewart being brought up on those charges he wouldn't have figured out a way to silence the assistant stock analyst and former employee that ended up rolling on her? He found a way to get Paul Manafort to back out of his cooperation agreement with Mueller and sit in the same MCC facility that Epstein died in while waiting patiently (he hopes) for a post-election pardon, he probably would have figured out how to get two peons to go silent to avoid prison. Martha was too goody-two-shoes and probably didn't know to have shady enforcers/fixers like Michael Cohen to threaten extra-judicial measures.

Epstein's former bodyguard in a rambling, paranoid interview in nymag yesterday reiterated what had been alleged previously by his victims. That he was tipped off the night before of his impending arrest in 2008 that gave him time to remove all the child porn off his property. Epstein clearly knew how to play for keeps, which is why he had people in high places looking out for him. It's also probably why he's now dead. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.