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Inglourious Basterds or Django Unchained?

What do you think was his better performance and/or character?
In both, he worked with Tarantino.
In both, he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
In Django, he's a good guy.
In Inglourious, he's a bad guy.
In both, he's really witty, yet his character always has a bad ending (has a symbol carved into his forehead by Aldo and killed by Butch)
In both, he has rivalries with probably two of the biggest lead actors in the world (Pitt and DiCaprio)
Both of these films/performances have lifted him to the James Bond villain status that he is today.

I'd say Inglourious had the better character, simply because every scene he would start with a friendly approach which- thanks to great writing, turned steadily into witty and deceptive.
In terms of better performance, I'd say Django. It seemed more polished and experienced, and his character had to be much more relaxed yet smart to simmer tensions between the rednecks and Django, allowing IMO a more improvised performance.

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Great post! I'd have to say that imo he was more captivating and charming in django, however in inglourious he portrayed himself as one of the best villains I've ever seen in a film. I've only seen them both once, however recently, so I'll definitely be asking myself that question on further viewings.


I really don't understand the "James Bond villain status" reference.

He was a bad guy in Basterds and he was amazing at it! Absolutely chilling at times. He totally deserved the Oscar.

In Django, his character was my favorite. I don't see why others are calling it an identical performance to Lando. He was so whimsical in Django.

So....I loved Christoph Waltz in both performances. I'd have to give the best acting to Basterds, because he made me hate him. Like I said..chilling. And I don't want to hate him because he's so great!


I just rewatched both movies, and... Basterds, by a long shot! I can see how people see similarities between both characters. It has nothing to do with them being good or evil, it's more that both are over-the-top, witty, and have big egos. I was mesmerized by Waltz's performance in Basterds. In Django, he was good but I didn't feel blown away and I think part of the reason was because of those similarities between the characters. I think he did a fantastic job, making sure they both had different ticks and mannerisms, but Dr. Shultz (sp?) just didn't feel as "new".

And on some small level, I think you owe me something for deceiving me so exquisitely.



it was just amazing how he played this role.
absolutely thrilling and unpredictable what he will be in the next second.

one of the best moments in worldwide cinema forever!

i didnt like django that much, though waltz was also great there,
but it was more a common role.


He was great in both movies, but I think I liked him best in Django Unchained. Just something about his role as King Schultz, just made me like him all the more. Landa was a great villain though.


I liked him better in "Basterds".


Better Character: Basterds

Better Performance: Django