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She accused Ronald Reagan of rape.

In the 1991 book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography, author Kitty Kelley revealed Selene Walters' claims that Ronald Reagan had sex with her against her will one night. Walters said that he came to her home unexpectedly in the middle of the night and then assaulted her.

When the book was released in 1991, the story was treated more or less as a joke, but Walters later replicated her story in its entirety to People, changing only one detail: She admitted to letting the future POTUS into her apartment that night.

Slate writes that Walters told People, "I opened the door. Then it was the battle of the couch. I was fighting him. I didn’t want him to make love to me. He’s a very big man, and he just had his way. Date rape? No, God, no, that’s [Kelley’s] phrase. I didn’t have a chance to have a date with him."