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Friends with Andy Warhol and the Shah of Iran

Copied from "Road to Utopia" board:

February 21, 1924 - January 24, 2017 Selene Walters Lamm, born Betty Flo Walker in Dexter, Missouri, in 1924 and best known for her roles as a young starlet in Hollywood and for her journalistic contributions, has died at the age of 92. She passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 24 in her Beverly Hills home with her beloved daughter, Eliza, by her side, according to her children Eliza and Alexandra Lamm.

From the beginning of her long life, Selene was loved by all and was crowned first in a beauty contest at the tender age of 10. She was also crowned her high school's queen all four years, which quickly allowed her to move on and win hearts and roles in the booming era of the golden age of Hollywood. Before making the move to the West, Selene attended Missouri University and pledged into the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

With the onset of the war, she had to make quick decisions and at the behest of her beloved brother, Jimmy, she moved out to Washington D.C., which is where her life really began. Selene began modeling in several high fashion department stores before she got her big break with the famous John Robert Powers Models in New York City. She was featured on the cover of magazines and eventually was truly discovered at the fabled "21" restaurant by Buddy de Silva, the President of Paramount Pictures at the time. From there she was unstoppable and traveled all over the world - Rome, Monte Carlo, Rio, Tokyo, Korea, Munich, Hamburg, Deauville, Bahamas, Haiti, Tehran, Athens and many other gorgeous locales. Selene appeared in over 21 films during her career as an actress and had the opportunity to star alongside the likes of the famous Jimmy Stewart in the "FBI Story."

Although she had an amazing bicoastal life in Los Angeles and New York City, Selene began to look at other career options and found that her love for writing and travel called for a new adventure as a columnist, which led her travels all over the globe. Selene mingled with everyone she met, and formed relationships with high society players, including Andy Warhol, Frank Sinatra and even the Shah of Iran. She continued her journalist career through the 1990s.

During her years living in New York City, Selene met and married the love of her life, Franklin J. Lamm in 1975, who passed away in 2007. She and Frank carried out their wishes to have a family and adopted three children - David Lamm, Alexandra Lamm and Eliza Lamm during the 1980s. She is survived by all three children and her biological daughter, Scarlett Norris Adams. Funeral service will be held on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 9:30 a.m. at the Wee Kirk O' the Heather at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.