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T-rump won't fire Conway because she's a 'terrific person'

On this morning's FOX & FRIENDS, T-rump emphatically said he won't fire his adviser Kellyanne Conway, who has brazenly broken the law by repeatedly violating the Hatch Act, which has been a federal law for 80 years.

Yesterday, Conway was recommended to be fired in a very rare move by the the US Office of Special Counsel. They recommended that she be removed from federal service for several violations of the Hatch Act, which restricts federal employee participation in certain partisan political activities.

"No, I'm not going to fire her. I think she's a terrific person," said T-rump this morning.

"I got briefed on it yesterday and it looks to me like they're trying to take away their right of free speech. And that's just not fair," Trump added. "She's got to have the right of responding to questions."

Yes, people who violate federal laws are really 'terrific people'. And FOX has no problem with that !