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Michael Wolff's sequel 'Siege: T-rump Under Fire' due in stores June 4

T-rump is sure to go ballistic in the White House once again, as Michael Wolff's sequel "Siege: T-rump Under Fire" hits bookstores June 4, according to the publisher. Henry Holt and Company claims "Siege" promises to be a juicy, behind-the-scenes look at the current White House and a president who is "volatile, erratic, and exposed."

Wolff's first book on the T-rump presidency, "Fire and Fury" was released the first week of January, 2018. It angered T-rump to the point where he tried to stop it from being released (to no avail), and it went on to become one of the top-selling political books of all time, selling millions of copies around the world.

In 'Siege', Wolff reportedly spoke to over 150 sources, and writes on the tensions amid Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged ties between Russian officials and the Trump presidential campaign since May, 2017.


Since the SCAM MAN is already taking STATINS for his HIGH CHOLESTEROL

(even though he also LIED in the FAKE LETTER he wrote … the one he tried to claim had been written by the doctor ... about his having PERFECT HEALTH),

Perhaps while he's having another MAJOR HISSY FIT again a piece of that STUFF in his arteries will BREAK OFF and cause a BLOCKAGE???

BILL CLINTON had QUADRUPLE BY PASS SURGERY when he was in OFFICE, but he was also still only in his 50's at the time.

Which also makes it MUCH LESS Likely the SCAM MAN who ran the FAKE UNIVERSITY and the FAKE CHARITY would be able to SURVIVE having that kind of SURGERY in his MID 70's.

In other words, maybe the GOD of KARMA will also do all of us a FAVOR by getting rid of him for us so that we won't need to IMPEACH HIM to remove him???

But then we're also still STUCK with the OTHER CLOWN that he chose for VP for the next few months???


I can’t wait for this book to come out. It will drive T-rump more crazy.


Or maybe it could also drive him SIX FEE UNDER??? :)