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As a Liberal I must admit that Trump has been great

Obama was too progressive and Communist for my tastes, but Trump has really surprised me so far and I might actually vote for him in the next election. It’s good to have Republicans who look out for us Liberals. 👍🏻


I'm an independent who didn't much care for Obama and I absolutely hate Trump and Hillary. Neither were fit to run in 2016.

I've yet to see anything about Trump to be happy about and can't wait until he's gone and we (hopefully) get an adult in the White House again. These past two years have been an absolute embarrassment and I don't blame the rest of the world one iota for laughing their a$$es off at us.


Why do you care about the president’s character? Who cares what other countries sound like a whiny housewife.


EVERYONE should care about a president's character and it shouldn't even need to be explained WHY.

*I* care what other countries think. Only dumb, backwards-a$$ rednecks who box themselves out from the rest of the world don't care what other countries think.

LOL! Whiny housewife? That doesn't even make sense. Nothing I said was whiny in the slightest. It's an observation and an accurate one at that. Furthermore, you decided to make this thread here. If you expected everyone to respond with kissing your a$$ then maybe you should have posted this in a pro-Trump forum--not a discussion site where anything goes.

The only one whining is you with your apparent inability to hear criticism about Trump.