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Should he get banned from the Emmy awards?

Now that the academy has banned Will Smith, should the Emmy members do the same thing to Jussie? Or maybe they already have? idk...

Personally, I think they should. It's obvious he staged a fake attack and that might be worse than what Smith did. He should probably get banned from the Oscars too..


Probably, but would it be really necessary? Who is going to hire this gross fraud for acting work now anyway?


I mean, BET gave Will Smith the best actor award a few months after he assaulted Chris Rock on national television. BET also let the movie that Smollet directed premiere on their channel 18 months after his fake attack. Sad, but blacks support black even when they shouldn't, just because they have the same skin color, also known as racism.


The big difference between him and Will Smith is that his fake attack didn't happen at the Emmy's.

But I still think he should be banned for like 5 years at least. I'm sure that what he did is pretty much against the values the Emmy's want to convey.


against the values the Emmys [no apostrophe, not possessive] want to convey.

I'm laughing!

If these celebs were really held to maintaining "values", and the Academy banned them accordingly, the Awards Show Audience would be half-empty.

Smollett is much worse. His actions were actually CRIMINAL.


against the values the Emmys [no apostrophe, not plural or possessive] want to convey.

Thanks for the lesson. I'm still learning.

As for which is worse, I have to agree that it's Smollett. Still, Will Smith assaulted another person while Smollett planned an assault on his own person.

What's weighing more in the case of Smollett, I think, is that he persists in his madness while Smith acknowledged himself that he was wrong right after.


Yes, but there is no way he would of even be nominated for an Oscar, he is not good actor.


He is good at acting like he was attacked. haha.. sure fooled a lot of people.

Actually, a lot of actors/celebrities that were not nominated for anything will go to the Oscars. Especially if a movie they were in gets nominated for something.

So, the academy should consider his ban as well.


Yeah, but his story had so many inconsistencies and made no sense when you actually think about it. I think he should be banned from the Academy Awards, but I can only think of 2 movies he was in. The Mighty Ducks (I am found of it mainly for nostalgic purposes) and Alien Covenant (subpar film and it only really had a chance with technical awards where I do not think you need an actor who was in the movie for very limited time to attend.