Who decided?

I'd like to know who she "ooh-la-la"'d to get repeatedly cast in roles (and even her own show for a very short time) where she is supposed to be beautiful/sexy/irresisitible? I don't find her any of the above by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe it's because I first saw her in Grey's Anatomy where she has major reconstructive facial surgery, but her teeth and jaw always look weird. Not to mention her aforementioned gigantic forehead, which is totally out of proportion to her little face and tiny body.



Hate to say it, but I've been wondering the exact same thing, watching the first couple of seasons of "The Good Wife". It took me a while to get that they weren't being sarcastic, when characters repeatedly were given lines to suggest that she was "smoking hot" or some such.

To be clear, I wouldn't ever have commented on her looks if not for those surreal, absurd (mis)casting choices. She seems a good enough actor and I'm sure she's a nice person, but it really is weird enough to make you wonder if she's got some sort of powerful family ties or inside position. Sure there's a lot of "Hollywood hotties" I don't find personally very attractive, but I can usually understand that their looks are attractive to others and that the reason I don't like them is to do with me. This one is just a complete, utter head-scratcher.

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