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President Joe Biden to attend funeral.

Joe Biden will represent the United States at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II funeral.

When asked about the trip scheduled to take place approx Sept 18th, Joe Biden said: "I'm looking forward to hearing Bohemian Rhapsody, although Queen hasn't been the same since Freddie Mercury died.


I am not sure the second part is true.

Anyway all those reports have in common is this:

Biden said he had not yet spoken to the queen's son, King Charles III.

"I know him... I did not call him," he said.

Which seems to be a bit cold to me.


He couldn't call him because he looked for "King Charles" on his cellphone, but couldn't find a number.


It will be okay. His wife, or somebody, will go along to hold his hand and lead him to where he's supposed to stand.


DJ Trump is feeling left out!