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I sometimes wonder...

... in those final seconds when people like this feel their heart stop... their vision start to darken... sound recede into the distance... their breathe suddenly stop and they struggle to draw a last breathe that will never come...

When the overwhelming fear that they have only a few seconds left before they slip over the edge into the void... do they ever regret how they lived their lives?


I'm' sure some people do. But not Rush. He led an exemplary life and I'm sure he doesn't regret it.


Not a single obit that I read mentioned a single act of charity, a single accomplishment that improved the human condition, no compliments from others, or observations about him being a kind and decent man...

That's a sad legacy.


nightwriter, you're probably reading that from some left-wing rag....

Limbaugh was quite charitable.

Here's a link -


Thanks for that.

It's not for me to judge the balance on his karmic ledger, but at least he has entries in both columns.