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James Bond star George Lazenby is axed from his own live show for making offensive comments

Lazenby response



Old guy talks the way old guys talk and the china bowls running the world got offended...


When are normal people going to start smacking the china bowls in the face?

"That's offens--"


"Shut the fuck up. Sit the fuck down. The world doesn't revolve around your feelings. Grow the fuck up."

That's how this shit needs to be dealt with.


Almost everything you said is deranged word salad. You don't see that, you mental patient?


Your use of the word 'deranged' is projection.

I don't expect you to see that because you and your cult have no self-awareness whatsoever.


hey now... they have as much awareness as they are told to have by the hive. :D


yeah, this pussy generation is failing humanity. But, I'm glad they are afraid of sex because they will breed less, and the real world can take back over sooner.


Meanwhile the outraged Daily Mail has this article with all the color photographs on the same page.

Apparently it’s bad to objectify women unless you’re looking for internet clicks


this hypocrisy has to stop.

Hey, Gen Y, Z, Alpha,
before you continue tearing down people for SPEAKING, why don't you take a look at all your fucking music out there first.
If you want to repair objectification, sexism, and talk of conquests, fix your fucking MUSIC first.

Jesus Christ, these people are the most retarded fucking moron generations I have ever encountered.