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She banned her child from watching Cinderella and The Little Mermaid???

I know this is almost a year old, but I just stumbled across it today, and it's just another sign how ridiculous society is getting.

What the hell is wrong with these people??? Feminism has gone full psychotic at this point. People like this are intent on driving a wedge between men and women, and it's so obnoxious to me.

So Keira won't let her daughter watch an old Disney movie because the woman gets saved by a man, and in her opinion Ariel gives up her voice in The Little Mermaid...for a man?

How about this new feminist lesson for the men out there from Keira: If you see a woman in trouble, leave her alone and let her save herself. Maybe if you see someone forcing themselves on a woman in an alley way, just let it go (Frozen anyone? Lol), and let her handle it. She'll be fine.

How about these feminist messages for young women from Keira: 1) Falling in love is wrong, especially with a man. 2) Be stubborn as hell and never ask for help, especially from someone with a penis. 3) Be an angry schrew for the rest of your life.

Ladies...grow up, be strong, be what you want to be...but be happy, fall in love, don't be afraid of being vulnerable, or asking for help if you need it, and for the love of god, try your best to not be a 3rd wave feminist like Keira Knightly, who rose to fame and made her meal ticket playing the classic "damsel in distress" Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Maybe she banned that movie from her children as well? Hypocrite.


Keira must have had her woke alarm ring in her brain and shut the movie off before getting to the ending of it. Ariel was the first Disney princess who ever laid a hand on the villain personally instead of waiting to be rescued. She even saves Eric from being vaporized by the trident. If you want to encourage your daughters to become strong independent women this is the Disney movie you should show to them. It actually broke the formula of the helpless princess syndrome Disney had been doing for decades.