Classic 60's flip.

Played Dr Bellow's wife on "I Dream of Jeannie".

Damn. Died of a brain tumor at 50 years old.

Wonder what drugs she was taking.

I'm trying to remember who she played in "Rosemary's Baby" but I've heard rumor that movie carried a curse.


I didn't recognize her picture at first. But I certainly remember Dr. Bellows' wife. IIRC they played up her sexuality a bit--as much as one could for the era on tv. She was pretty.

I do remember that 60s/70s hairstyle, didn't know it was called a flip.


Yeah, that's right. Mary Tyler Moore had a flip too.

I dunno, that was the 60's, but Dr Bellows doesn't seem to be the type to have a woman like that. But I suppose she was a trophy wife.


I remember when I was a kid wondering why/how Dr. Bellows had such a pretty wife :)


Yes, the flip! The other classic flip wearer at the time was Marlo Thomas in That Girl.

I didn't know that she died so young. Sorry to hear that.