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The Oscars are Gay

What kind of fag would volunteer to do this? It's a 4 hour show broadcast on network TV, and yet ordinary people only give a shit about like the last 7-8 Oscar awards.

Best picture, actor, actress, supporting actor/actress, Screenplays, and the Cartoon one. If you care about any technical awards then you're a queer. This show should last one hour tops. The only reason it lasts so long is because it doubles as a cocaine pre-game party for all the degenerates in Hollywood

And Black Panther is going to get a much undeserved nomination for Best Picture. A movie even more overrated than Get Out. Affirmative action in art LMAO. And they tried to use Kevin Hart as a pawn, a black host to make these white people look better for giving themselves all the best roles. But when it turns out that he is a PR liability they throw him aside. Hilarious