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Opinion: If Mein Kampf can sell on EBay, why not discontinued Dr. Seuss books?

Probably not the best article, but it was the first Google result. Goes on to say images of Africans with hoops in their noses are offensive. Burn your National geographics!

Most of the others were conservative sites, so the MSM is ignoring it.

EBay allows people to sell Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf on its site, as well as the infamously false and anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Peter Pan, laden with stereotypes about Native Americans, is for sale there, along with the many books of the Little House on the Prairie series, which includes minstrel shows, refers to Black people as “darkies” and contains many negative depictions of Native Americans even though the white protagonists were illegally squatting on Indian land.

And it’s fine that all of these are sold. Terrible books with troubling content shouldn’t be erased from all memory. So how is it that the six discontinued books by Dr. Seuss are now banned from auction or sale on the site?


A spokeswoman for the website told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that it would no longer be allowing sellers to list six books that have been deemed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company that preserves Theodor Seuss "Ted" Geisel's legacy, as containing racially insensitive imagery.

"At eBay, we have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers," eBay Corporate Communications Specialist Parmita Choudhury said. "We're currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items. It can take some time to review all existing listings and provide education to impacted users. We're also monitoring the newly published list to be reviewed."