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How can I act like Bryan Cranston?

I've done a little acting myself in amateur productions, but I am not satisfied with being considered "Spencer Tracy good". I want to act like Bryan Cranston. I want to move up into Cranstonian super-acting. Bryan clearly puts a tremendous amount of effort into his work - it's all there on his face - and I worry that I will never be able to summon up the 200% effort that Cranstonian super-acting requires.

Any help would be appreciated.


Watch lots of Jack Lemmon movies.


you'll need his hair guy first


You've kinda said it yourself twice:

"...a tremendous amount of effort..."

"...200% effort..."

Work hard.

That doesn't just apply on the stage/screen, of course. Take a class. Take a LOT of classes. Work hard in those classes. Rehearse the material you get. Rehearse HARD. Do prep work. Figure it out.

Ask yourself: "What is it I like about Cranston's performances?" Get specific. Find moments. Ask what he's doing and why. Then "reverse engineer" his process, and try to think about how he got to the decisions he made. Try to make the same decisions.

By the way, you can't make those decisions if you don't work hard. Focus on the work and it pays off. Get a little better every time. Surround yourself with coaches and critics who will hurt your feelings.

Oh, and this is maybe the most important: don't take those hurt feelings personally. If somebody says you're bland on stage or you're over-acting, or you don't "get" your character - don't get mad at them. Get better and what you do. Get humble. I've known a few actors (amateurs, bad actors) who get huffy and offended when they get constructive criticism. You ready for a shocking revelation? They never get any better and stay amateur and stay bad.


I agree with Ace_Spade's post. There is only one way to become good at anything ... hard, dedicated work. And I must point out that you say that you are not satisfied with being "Spencer Tracy" good. Have you ever seen ANY film he starred in? If someone said I was "Spencer Tracy good", I would be FLATTERED.
I consider Spencer Tracy to one of the finest actors who ever lived. He made it look EFFORTLESS, which is a true sign of excellence in acting.
Now, considering that Bryan Cranston is a fine actor in his own right, I don't think he would consider himself on a level with Tracy.


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