Three favorites ?

What are your 3 favorite films directed by Sergio Corbucci?


The Great Silence (1968)
The Mercenary (1968)
Django (1966)


I'm fine with those 3 on top. I'll add my other favorites as well.

1. The great silence.
2. The mercenary
3. Django
4. Compañeros
5. Hellbenders

Beyond those films there is nothing remarkable. He rarely made a bad film but films like Minnesota clay and Navajo Joe are mediocre. Compañeros stands out as a bit of a comedy. If you are depressed as hell from the great silence that might be the next one to watch.

There is a scene from the great silence I absolutely hate. It is when the Klaud kinski kills the Sheriff. They are in the middle of nowhere and he says he needs to take a shit. Wouldn't you know he starts digging in the snow and pulls out a gun he had hidden there. Under the snow in the middle of nowhere! Good grief.


“There is a scene from the great silence I absolutely hate”
That was definitely a weak moment in an otherwise wonderful film.

Since my original posting I’ve really come to love Companeros. There is so much going on and things happening so quickly that, for me anyway, after several viewing it’s really sunk in. The battle sequence that begins with Palance and his men in the tower is absolutely great with the title song blaring. It’s funny that that scene really isn’t praised often. I also enjoy hearing Nero’s real voice unlike in Django, although I prefer Django in Italian. Great film though! I know after Corbucci finished westerns he went into comedies but I haven’t seen any. You can definitely feel him drifting that direction in Companeros.