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She's in EVERY movie made these days

Slive never seen a more boring subdued woman get sooo many cherry roles in blockbuster movies. She's everywhere and yet almost nobody seems to know her. How does she get so lucky??

She must have the same agent as Sam Worthington... Another bore who just popped up out of nowhere, nobody noticed him, but has managed to consistently land great roles.


Yup. If she were having this success ten years ago it would make sense, back when she was just ridiculously pretty, but now I don't see the appeal. She has almost no range, always sounds like she's reading her lines, and isn't particularly beautiful anymore. She also has zero sex appeal. (She did one nude scene in the previous century.) She must know people or something.

There is a man...he travels fast...he has purpose...he brings violence and destruction.


Hating just is such an ugly characteristic which you obviously have plenty of. Did I mention ugly character. Keep hating son. You'll never be famous. No matter how hard you try, you'll never make a meal ticket. Good luck in Hollywood. She made it. You didn't.


You beat me to it.
She really cannot act -
see her "performance" in Troy.

She has one facial expression.

And yet she is nearly every effing film.


I don't think she's that bad, she probably knows her limit as a actress and it helps she's a beautiful woman to boot. I think she's the go to woman for the girlfriend and wife roles in blockbusters or bigger budget films, she isn't going to cost much and is a professional and probably doesn't complain about how big her part is. She's got a charisma to her and she seems like a good person off set, that's why she gets offered so many jobs. That's why you see her in "Every" movie as she does more bigger budget films then indies.

She's a good comedian, one of the reasons she's got work on Spy, Neighbors, Bridesmaids and is solid in most blockbusters she's done like X-Men. She's got some good work on her C.V, Sunshine (2007), Marie Antoinette (2005), underrated sequel 28 Weeks Later (2007), Two Hands (1999) and Adam (2009). And some of her comedy work is very good especially Bridesmaids and Spy.

I think she does stuff to pay the bills and probably doesn't take enough chances to challenge herself but not every acting talent will do that.


She's building her career. A lot of actors don't come right out to super stardom. They need to work at it until they find their niche.