He is bi sexual?

I read this some time ago
Any further infos?


People who know him say not so.


What people? Lol


As much as I've indulged in taking the mick out of Gerry to the outrage of his fans online, I can't honestly say I see him as gay or bi. He seems straight to me. Not that being gay or bi is in anyway inferior to being straight. I just know some of his fans get a bit huffy when the subject is brought up. Many of them see it as an insult, which it certainly is not.

It's funny that people worry so much about a movie star's sexual orientation though. I can't see why it matters. Their entire profession is pretending to be other people, so it's not like Gerard Butler's sexual orientation has any impact on his acting and/or his fans.

I love it when actors/celebrities have fun with their sexuality. I find that level of security and confidence very attractive.

Alexander Skarsgard has no fear about it:


Awww Alexander is such a sweetie, not bad as Tarzan either. I can just imagine that exchange with Graham Norton LOL.

I agree that Gerry's sexuality is totally his own business. Why should anyone care really? I've been a fan for a long time and think he does have a certain appeal, but I guess at this stage I'm looking for better acting and characterization from him in his movie work. Honestly, did Gerry ever seem overly successful as a romantic star? I thought, for whatever reason, he mostly seemed a bit uncomfortable and unconvincing in love scenes.


I found him very convincing in The Phantom of the Opera during the scenew he is singing and coiled around Emmy Rossum. That scene was hot.


He IS a sweetie. I like how he's kind of a doofus, yet an extremely attractive one. I never paid attention to him until I got bored one night and decided to try True Blood out on Amazon Prime. I binged SIX seasons because of him! The final season wasn't free and I didn't care enough to pay for it, but I did pay to rent Tarzan from Amazon. It was okay. He was yummy, but a pretty forgettable movie overall, IMO. I hope he does well in the future.


Honestly, did Gerry ever seem overly successful as a romantic star? I thought, for whatever reason, he mostly seemed a bit uncomfortable and unconvincing in love scenes.

I meant to respond to this earlier. I agree. He always looks awkward, which is one of the reasons these rumors persist.


I always figured that was just his general insecurity. All of his acting, to me, has that awkward/uncomfortable/unconvincing vibe to it, love scenes included. Like he's thinking too much or trying too hard or something.



like he's "trying to hard" - I had to laugh.
Could be a description of me acting, I think that's what every actor fears most, and then ironically that's exactly what happens. Because you're trying so hard to look natural, you just don't, you know what I mean.

I think Gerry's best romantic performances came with Lena Heady in 300, I totally bought their relationship and she's his Queen he cries out for at end, so it really had to work.

And the guilty yearning in Dear Frankie worked for me. His chauvinistic turn in Attila, where it's like his harem, and he's lusting for the redheaded woman who is going to poison him, I liked that one too.

Gerry is better if his role is sort of big and bizarre, even in the romantic territory.

He just can't pull off everyday jo-blo guy that easily. Like Keanu in some ways. Keanu really stands out to me on screen, sometimes it's like he's in his own movie!

In the rom-com movie with Jack Nicholson, Keanu's presence as a romantic doctor into an older woman almost upstaged his two older co-stars. It was like, "look, he's here" when he came on screen. I loved it, but some might call it "overplaying it."

Keanu played a dentist to a teen in an indie film I saw and he's good -- but he's this weird new age dentist, asking the teen "what is your spirit animal?"
I mean Keanu could not play a regular, boring, realistic dentist talking about cavities and brushing your teeth and be believable, IMO.

I'd actually love to see Gerry in a "big" romantic drama that plays to his strengths, but I don't see that on the horizon. A romantic-action drama.

If the only romance he has in his movie future is with a snow pony, it could be worse.

Buy I do think there needs to be more WOMEN CHARACTERS in Gerry's movies.
He'll end up doing all bro-flicks, or movies where the female characters are just convenient bookmarks - the wife, the girlfriend, blah blah.
Could there be a WOMAN on the 7-man Snow Pony team?

Best to all,