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Battlestar Galactica is back on track

The word is out that the reason for the long hiatus regarding the remake (or is it a continuation?) of the classic BSG was due to production problems with a remake of the Excalibur movie (from 1981). Now that this remake has been dropped, Bryan Singer will be focusing on his project based on the hugely successful BSG series from the 70s.

At last the fans of the real BSG are getting what they wanted back in 2001 before the tragic events of 9/11 led to BSG being morphed into an RDM-esque drug-fuelled fantasy ie: 'Wing-Commander & The West Wing meets the GOD Channel'

This R.D.M Remake (what's with all these acronyms Moore & Co like to use ?!!)gained the praise of every journalistic hack who had a beef with the Bush Administration over the War on Terror (not unlike that other "re-imagined" load of toss - V - which also seems to be happily take pot-shots with the Obama adminstraton's health reforms)

Despite the praise that the R.D.M Remake ( errgh, F.*.C.K.I.N.G S.H.*.T would seem a more suitable acronym ! ) got from the critics, it never gained any commercial success outside its own cable-channel stomping ground. The Remake was never sold to any of the major networks, only other cable-channels, nor had its '70-odd episode run' been sold in syndicatiom anywhere.

Now with the Caprica spin-off being buried by TV execs, and the much lauded 'Blood & Chrome' TV movie ending its life as a live-action screensaver (errgh I mean web-series) it's now up to Bryan to bring BSG back to its proper roots as a big-budgeted sci-fi epic that actually has spacey things in it.

Come on Brian, bring it home (here's hoping that Larson, Hatch & Benedict will be involved in it somehow) :-)

Read about it here :

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Only you babies living in your mamas basement would consider the cornball fest '78 Galactica turd superior to the remake. The vast majority prefer the 2k3 version and rightfully so. And what is with your neo-republican take on the god angles in the newer remake? Most repubs are Jesus freaks so I would think they would embrace the spirituality aspects as they made perfect sense to the story and were far more logical than some reptile race nonsense of the original Star Wars gone corny ripoff. The new version took the excellent aspects of the original (fleeing wasteland planets, taking to deep space in hopes of finding a new home etc.) and thank god left off all the lizard sitting in a 20ft chair 24/7 low brain nonsense. I swear some of you haters must be athiest woman hating racist dullards with no grasp of story evolution and common sense. I was a 70s kid, grew up on the SW trilogy and BSG but then I grew up, my nuts dropped, moved out of mommy's house and realized some things I loved as a kid just didn't age well. BSG1 was just a fun yet shallow dip in the scifi pool. Nothing more yet so many love to talk about ruined childhoods and other hyperbole and histrionic delusions.