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Wow, she's in B movie hell!!

OMG, what happened?


Most actors who left a series for film careers that didn't panned out would live
to regret their choices........why to Mischa it had to be the other way around??


She would of course make statements such as "I never wanted to be in the OC in the first place" because she will never admit the truth.

The truth is that she was pretty much a nobody before the OC, barely known and most of the projects she had been part of were very low profile (her participation in the 6th Sense doesn't count since it was extremely brief and nobody even know it was her until after the OC).

The OC was a high profile TV series that represented her life's opportunity as an actress, it quickly became one of the most popular TV shows at the time, and was truly the project that put her on the map.

But the fame, money and popularity went into her her head; she became obnoxious with everyone, to the point in which many describe her as an unbearable person to deal with, she was late for the filmation of her scenes, and reportedly often she would arrive to the set drugged and alcoholized.

She was so unbearable that the producers took the decision to kill her character off and hoped the show could continue without her.

It is true that after her character's death the ratings (which were not as high as they were in the beginning to begin with) declined dramatically and only lasted one more season without her.

And her career went to the toilet after that, which is why she is on that well deserved B movie hell currently.

Of course, the producers will never admit openly that she was fired due to the reasons mentioned above, and the "official" version is that they decided to kill her off as an experiment to take the series on a different direction or something of the sort.

But the truth is that when this kind of situations occurs (an actor/actress is to unbearable to work with), there are a lot of legal issues involved and managers often get a deal with the producers in which none of the sides will badmouth each other in public.

And now she is fat and ugly, which makes the possibility of a successful return beyond dead.

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"She was so unbearable that the producers took the decision to kill her character off and hoped the show could continue without her."

Hmmmm..........that's very strange considering those same producers offered her the recurring role of Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl just a short time after she left The OC. If her behaviour was so bad that she had to be fired then why would they then offer her a prime role on their new cash cow tv series?


To draw a similar crowd over. Benefits outweigh personal gripes.


I would just like to point out she is in no way fat. If that's what you think fat is you have issues. And yes she looks different but its called ageing she's not ugly.


Maybe it would have been better for both parties, Mischa and the show producer, if they had helped her with her alcohol and drug problems...

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That's as fat as a freaking cow. Are you blind?!