Drunken baby?

Baby Leroy supposedly once had HIS MILK OR ORANGE JUICE SPIKED WITH GIN BY W. C. FIELDS & was the youngest motion picture actor to receive star billing. He was born in 1932 and made a number of movies from 1934 to 1936 age 2-4. At age 3, while making the film “It’s a Gift,” LeRoy became drunk and was noticeably staggering when W.C. Fields spiked his milk/orange juice with Gin. In their previous film together, Le Roy was kicked so hard by Fields while filming a gag scene, that disturbed studio execs ordered the footage cut from the film. Fields defended the scene on the basis that men who had to deal with young children could relate to him kicking Le Roy.

After a two-year absence from Hollywood, Baby LeRoy landed the lead role in a “comeback” film “The Biscuit Eater.” During filming for the opening scene, Baby Le Roy fell into a lake, caught a bad cold, and eventually “retired” from the film and from Hollywood at the venerable old age of 8 years. He thus never got the chance “to prove his abilities as a young actor in a lead role, rather than to be remembered as a mere comic prop for W.C. Fields.”