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The true about the Weinstein accusers

A Bunch of salty bitches upset because they lick this fat fuck ass believing that would open the doors of heaven of rich and fame but the only thing they get was a cronic case of bad breath and in the end only thing they see open to them was the furry and wrinkled sfinter of this diabetic walrus.

Asia Argento admit she sleep with Jaba the hut in exchange of him financing her silly, retarded and boring "arthouse" movie, sorry but that is not rape that is just and agreement between a john and a street hoe.

Must of these bitches did it willingly and they are angry because they have to watch the naked body of this dude taking showers.

That's other thing this MTF is a weirdo he could at least fuck most of this bitches but in most cases he just wanted they to watching him taking showers dude is freak as F*** like dude youre ugly, why you want people watching you naked? this MTF should fuck with his clothes on to not traumatized this bitches, instead he want them to only see him naked? GTO.

This famous people are a fucking joke.

Peace and out

PS: Im back bitches the Lord is again active in the site


You have a point