Bomb the Russian convoy stuck in Ukrainian mud:
Stevie Van Zandt
Somebody talk me down. Putting aside all of the strategizing over stealth and anonymity, what happens if we destroy the Russian convoy and the forces encircling the cities with air strikes or drones. Up front. What exactly does Russia do about it? Let’s hear it. Just asking.

I thought of the same thing days ago. Russian tanks/armour just sit there and drones could sweep in an slaughter them. Little Stevie right.


If Russia starts to lose or feels threatened, they will use their nuclear deterrent. Maybe one or two battlefield nukes ... and then if they think the West is going to attack some more or escalate, they will assume that they have to escalate first and voila ... we have a full scale global nuclear war.

Van Zandt has no business saying anything in public. He has no knowledge of this and is not smart or possessing of any particular talent, outside of maybe music to some people. But his one talent is like Donald Trump's, he plays a tough guy on TV and so can rally the ignorant in America, which we already have too much of.

STFU Little Stevie ... anyone in their doddering old age like this guy is obviously nuts just from calling themselves Little Stevie.