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A basic betty with alienish eyes



What's to say about Amy Smart? She's adorable ( but doesn't seem all full of herself-a great quality)
She's super talented and seems popular with everyone. All in all- she's the kind of woman that most men would think of as s great girlfriend/wife etc Hope this Carter Oosterface or whatever appreciates what he's got with Amy.

There are a lot of great ones coming up who are super talented, unbelievably cute, and seemingly great to be around:Brie Larsen, Aubrey plaza etc many seemed to get a big break in that Scott Pilgrim movie. Look it up. Go through the cast. So many very talented people and most have become very successful. Whoever got offered a part and said NAH must be ready to shoot themselves by now. ( Anna Kendrick, Chris Evans, Allison Pill,Michael Cera are all in that movie and are great in it)