Still pretty

Even at the age of 61, she looks better than most 40-year-olds.

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I couldn't agree more. Lynda is still stunning! Apart from good genes, I think that comes from the inside as well, since she seems to be such a sweet, nice lady. During interviews and such, most good looking celebrities always seem to be very aware of their physical appearance, but I don't think Ms. Carter fit in that category. She always seems to be quite relaxed and way beyond worries regarding her appearance. Of course it's obvious she takes good care of her complexion and stuff, but that doesn't seem to be her main priority in life, and yet she looks way better than most people who live worried about their looks.

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I agree with both of you. She is unusually beautiful.


I also agree. I saw a picture link in another thread & thought I'd post a set of timeline photos from there (it covers 2005-2012):
July 24, 2005: e+Sky+High+qzjuN3Xk5wpl.jpg

November 14, 2006: way+Chicago+77yM64Av7rul.jpg

February 23, 2009: adway+Concert+Iz1P56a--TZl.jpg

March 3, 2010: le+Worker+qKQyARkSit0l.jpg

September 14, 2010: TySnzPmBRl.jpg

May 16, 2011 (great picture IMO): heatre+waBuCMFzjd9l.jpg

July 11, 2011: Los+Angeles+1v5Xm1Y7krnl.jpg

September 30, 2011: vals+hS2mW6hXIKWl.jpg

December 4, 2011: nors+tMDSoHlDGFHl.jpg

October 15, 2012: art+Gala+GTfkJREVmNdl.jpg

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Just saw her in a rerun of 2 1/2 men - my goodness she is still hot!


I Saw that 2 1/2 men episode too and not only did I think that she is still hot but so was Mimi Rodgers. it was great to see them together. they both got to kiss Amber Tambrlyn. but I think there should have been one between those two wonder women.

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Lynda Carter is one of the most beautiful women to ever exist on this earth.

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We evidently hang out with a very different crowd, lol.

I know people in their mid to late 50s (including myself) for whom Lynda Carter could play our mother in a made-for-tv movie...