Great actor

An actor who certainly deserves at least one thread!

M. Trintignant is among the finest living screen actors. So subtle, so magnetic, so expressive and still working. In more recent decades he preferred stage to screen, but now aged 89 he still makes the occasional film.

His performances in 'My Night at Maud's' (1969), 'Z' (1969), 'The Conformist' (1970), 'Three Colours Red' (1994) and 'Amour' (2012) are simply magnificent. He also had a strong supporting role in the American movie 'Under Fire' (1983) and today I watched him as one of the remarkable cast of European notables in 'The Desert of the Tartars' (1976).

I would love to see more. Does anyone have any favourite roles of his, or recommendations for other good, perhaps lesser-known roles?