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She is from Newport!

I'm from Newport too!

I'd like to ask her a million questions, but only the important ones like:
Which house or which street did she grow up on?
Did she go into the castle in the woods?
Did she ever jump off the Van Zandt pier?
Does she plan on getting ice cream from Frosty Freez this summer?

You know your from Newport when.... :)


I'm not from Newport but I love to visit there. I live in Charleston, SC where coincidentally Mena Suvari also lived for a time. We went to the same high school though I was a few years ahead of her. Anyway, Newport is such a cool city. In college I worked for a summer at the Weekapaug Inn so would visit Newport when I could. What is the castle in the woods? I stayed somewhere along the cliff walk at one point and love the Chinese Tea Garden at Marble House. Good times!


Sorry for the late reply, I don't check regularly. The castle in the woods is the big stone castle in Miantonomi Park. See the wikipedia page below. They call it a tower, but growing up across the street from it as kids we would call it the castle. It used to be open and you could go to the top. It had a spiral stair case inside. I believe they have the gates to it closed and locked now :( We would always go into the woods around it because there were paths to wonder around.

I've been around cliff walk and ocean drive many times. Been to the tea garden only once though.