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Reader Blind Item: Certain aspects of this deceased handsome actor’s (James Franciscus) life would make for a good tell all biography. He would be very recognizable to people of a certain age especially women. He was in movies (filmography) but his biggest film roles were supporting ones. He was in a number of TV series ("Mr. Novak", "The Naked City", "The Investigators") but none lasted longer than a couple seasons. His most famous TV role ("Longstreet") was probably this series wherein he played a character with a physical handicap (blind insurance investigator) who was coached in a couple episodes by this deceased legendary action star (Bruce Lee in 4 episodes). The actor for whom the term egomanaic would be an understatement was difficult on set. Off set, he was married a couple times but preferred men. He had a lengthy on and off relationship with this deceased TV actor (Robert Reed) famous for a lead role on this iconic family show ("The Brady Bunch") that had a film reboot(s) ("The Brady Bunch Movie"). What killed the TV actor (AIDS) also killed this actor (1991 death from emphysema at the age of 57) despite that not being listed as his cause of death. (Bringing "Mr. Novak" up to date) (Death Certificate Shows ‘Brady Bunch’ Dad Had AIDS Virus) (TV, Film Star James Franciscus Dies at 57)