When I was a kid Robert Taylor's films were regularly on TV. His early romantic and later sword wielding knight in armour roles but not his westerns, or at least I don't remember any. Even at the time they described him as some left over of the studio system kept in staring roles by his symbiotic relationship with MGM.
It's interesting reading the trivia on IMDb. He clearly appreciated what the studio did for him and felt very comfortable there. There are several quotes to the effect he didn't feel he was much of an actor but was perfectly happy doing the job as long as there was a good team to steer him.
I guess his films haven't aged that well - to be honest I thought they were pretty stiff and old fashioned when I did see them on TV - but he was a big American star and I'm a little surprised this is the first post here. I'm guessing there were a lot more left behind on IMDb.