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The Man in The High Castle

Rufus is absolutely brilliant in this role. I dont think I have ever seen a character so sadistic and cold and yet vulnerable at the same time to the point where you actually felt sorry for him and even rooted for him at times.

There is a very riveting scene (wont spoil) where the camera is focused on Rufus's eyes for over a minute(reminiscent of Al Pachino in the God Father @Louies Restaurant)and it will chill you to the bone!

This guy is as good as it gets! Looking at his credits its obvious he has paid his dues and is at the top of his game!

He clearly carries most of the weight in TMTHC.


I know exactly which moment you're talking about... it's amazing what he can express with just a stare. I was scared! but you're totally right - he's someone who you hate, fear, feel bad for.... and sometimes I can't tell what he's going to do next - kill someone or spare them.
There was another scene that caught my breath - i thought he was going to slap his wife! but instead he said he loved her... he's an amazing actor, totally intense one moment and light hearted the next. And he totally carries that show - they're all pretty good but if he was to leave for whatever reason, I don't know I'd keep watching.

A chat with you and somehow death loses its sting.....




His character reminds me of Tony Soprano.

No, he's not loud and prone to violent outbursts, but I can't remember sympathizing with a character that's a bigger SOB.

It's interesting you mentioned The Godfather, because the fishing trip Smith took with his son reminded me of Fredo's fate in Godfather II.

That was a brilliant fake out.

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