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tv show in the 90's???? help

in the early 90's im sure that he was on a tv show about vampies....i think he was a vampire and he used to fight against the kids from the nearby village. i dont think i was smoking any crack when i used to watch one seems to know anything about


Well, neither would I have been mixed up with illegal narcotics, certainly, but yet, Kyle's Filmography page does seem to be missing a few credits.

Now, I remember Kyle from a television series entitled something to the effect of "Homefront" or something like that, which is set during the years of WWII, but nothing which is listed upon his credits rings any bell as to anything which I've ever seen with Kyle.

So, on the other hand, I certainly feel surprised to see that he plays the role of Cliff VanderCave in the 1994 live action version of the famous cartoon series "The Flintstones," because I had been under the impression that Thomas Gibson has originated that role.

Then something seems to be a little off-kilter with Kyle's credits if you recall a series revolving around something about preternatural business, whereas I seem to recall something about small town Americana during WWII.

Anyway, I'm sure that Kyle is great in both series even if he or someone around him has asked IMDb to extract those credits from his acting portfolio because from where else would anyone have remembered this wonderful, charming and nice-looking actor with much more talent than most out there in Hollywood these days?

If Sheridan were here, he'd be appalled.