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When Jennifer Beals recalls the one time she called out an interviewer on her comment about an on-screen kiss


People send kids away because it's an abnormal depiction of human behaviour. These people make up 1.6% of the population, but propagandists constantly hammer people across the head with the idea that it's "normal". If it were "normal" they wouldn't be 1.6% of the population, which by the very definition of statistical variance, makes them abnormal.

That's also not to mention that it has nothing to do with love. The clip they showed wasn't about love, it was about two women engaging in passionate kissing leading toward sex. In fact, that's literally how the lifestyle is defined: sex.

The thing is, though, sex between homosexuals is only about carnal desires, since they can't procreate, and they're more likely to carry a lot of sexually transmitted diseases, especially among homosexual men and oddly enough bisexual women:

None of that ever enters the discussion, though.

No one ever talks about the health risks, the depression, the substance abuse, and the emotionally degenerative spiral many of them go down. It's just all "It's beautiful. It's normal. We're proud!"

It's quite a disingenuous and dishonest portrayal. Of course, the interviewer was behooved in some ways to still push the narrative Beals was advocating, and was never going to bring up those aforementioned points, because it would diminish attempts to convince people about the normalization of the lifestyle.


Sadly, when someone dares to speak the glaring reality on this topic they're written off as "a hateful, homophobic bigot" and sometimes even removed from the forum.


Yeah, it's because people have been brainwashed for the last several decades to accept the lifestyle as "normal", and anyone who doesn't is just a "bigot" and a "homophobe".

Nevermind when these people end up in the hospital for any number of wide ranging diseases or infections, or succumb to debilitating emotional swings, or domestic abuse (another big factor that doesn't get talked about, especially among lesbians, for some reason):

We've entered into a bizarre realm of society where reality is being purposely buried so people can live in a detrimental and disruptive fantasy. It's quite sad really.


Where's a rooftop Muslim to toss that 1.6% off a 30 story building?


1.6% is a lie.
Homosexuality is common in Nature, there are species where almost 30% of them are gay females (Laysan Albatross).


there are species where almost 30% of them are gay females (Laysan Albatross).

Except that's not the case at all. Did you even bother to read the article? The author is projecting an unscientific and untrue statement onto their behaviour.

Female Laysan Albatross help nurture the eggs of other females in situations where there aren't enough males around. None of that has anything to do with homosexuality, since they aren't engaging in sexual acts with one another, only helping fertilize the eggs in the absence of males.

It takes a seriously perverse individual to think that two individuals of the same sex helping one another automatically makes them homosexual.

And even if we follow the logic you're using to justify aberrant behaviour, some animals also engage in corprophilia as well as cannibalism. I assume you're completely fine with humans engaging in those acts as well?

And the 1.6% comes from the CDC: