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Met Her in Vancouver

Several years ago I was covering a tragic story in Vancouver. We had a live news truck which we were just tearing down. I was walking along with a TV camera and came a cross a group of people, one of whom was Jennifer Beals. As it turns out she was a close friend of the person who's story we were covering.

So there I am with a TV camera, a live truck and Jennifer Beals standing in front of me. A perfect opportunity to get a scoop and take advantage of a tragedy in a movie star's life. But no, I couldn't do that to someone. I was the only media person who knew she was there. Jennifer and her friends looked at me as if to say, "Oh no. What is this guy going to do?" I could have flicked on the camera and tried to get the exclusive story of her and her friends and their tragedy. But, I decided not to. I simply told her that no one at the station knew she was there and I wasn't about to tell them. She looked very relieved shook my hand and thanked me.

She let me chat with them for a few minutes. She was very friendly. I didn't wear out my welcome and continued cleaning up my gear.

Sometimes it's much better not to get the story.


That's nice of you and the right thing to do. What did she chat about with you?




He didnt get none.

Not worth it.