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What the Hell Happened to Christopher Atkins?

In 1980, actor Christopher Atkins was nominated for a Golden Globe as New Star of the Year for his performance in the pervy hit drama, The Blue Lagoon. Overnight, Atkins became a teen idol. As such, he was never taken very seriously as an actor. His movie career ended abruptly, but Atkins has never stopped acting.

What the hell happened?


Far bigger names have had far more spectacular falls, no offence but this seems like a non-story.

What happened is that he was a pretty boy with mediocre talent who was lucky to star in a surprise hit but didn't have the chops to capitalize on that. Either that, or he decided to follow Blue Lagoon with The Pirate Movie. Have you seen that? I doubt you would ask what happened if you had!

I think there may have been some *drinky drinky motion* problems there too, which wouldn't have helped.


more like he was a dork & nobody could take him seriously as a leading man


Very few actors remain on top for long. He's still acting.

"Atkins became a luxury pool builder. He also developed the Christopher Atkins Strike Jacket E.F.L. (Extreme Fishing Lure)--"a rubbery slipcovering for traditional baits"--with the assistance of special-effects expert Mark Viniello."

Humble guy.


Hey now! The Pirate movie was fun! Granted, I refuse to watch it as an adult, but the 7 year old in me says thems fightin words.