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No wonder PTA fans also like Radiohead and Pynchon

All of them offer shallow works that try to come off as profound and complex through marketing and stylistic gimmicks.

Witness Ryan Kearney's review of Radiohead entitled "The Radiohead Racket":

In its aggregation of Billboard’s story, the Independent lamented, “So, as is always the way with Radiohead, the mystery continues.”

Does it? Yorke’s lyrics are not unlike Radiohead’s marketing strategy: optimized to cultivate mystery. Fans, critics, and even academics, spellbound by the band’s music, have taken the bait and delivered one overwrought interpretation after another. You might describe this phenomenon with a word commonly employed in Radiohead reviews: groupthink. But this is less the fault of the interpreter than the composer. Thom Yorke is the most overrated lyricist in music today.

Sound familiar? Witness the ridiculous parsing of such hollow and vapid works like The Master, Their Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice.

Artistic frauds and their fans tend to gravitate towards each other. A bunch of adolescents who have nothing profound to say, so they merely adopt the surface posturing of profundity through narrative vagueness - knowing that their fanbase will eat it all up like the lapdogs that they are.

In the words of The Sideburn Guys: "Paul Thomas Anderson directs a Radiohead video? That's a double cock-punch of overrated douchebaggery."


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Seriously, what do you think of Burn the Witch?

That song is badass

Howard Hughes was Italian?


Christopher_Smilax is the anti prentiousanderson and that's the best thing to be


Tell me what are your favorite films, just curious


You do realize Pynchon is one of, if not the greatest authors of the last 50 years, right?


If anything, you should have compared him to David Foster Wallace to support your opinion, even if I don't agree with you.


I like them all and not because I'm trying to be profound, artistic, or cool. I just think PTA's made some good films (especially Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood), I like the sound of Radiohead's music, and Pynchon's novels are amusing from start to finish. That writer reads like an annoyingly cynical contrarian. Let people like what they like. You don't have to like it, but why mock and generalize people who do?

"Oh I went there, bought a house, moved in b*tch, and now I'm remodeling the kitchen."


PTA fantards routinely mock and generalize the taste of others, such as those who who happen to like Michael Bay films and comic book movies.

I happen to agree with much of their mockery in that instance, but it doesn't change the fact that their own taste is just as bad. So they are hypocrites for one, to the extent that they agree with your last two sentences above. What is this forum for if not to criticize others' tastes? For us to merely read the thoughts of a complete stranger that says nothing more profound than "I liked that movie!"?

But why even mock them in the first instance? Because culture is always enriched by distinguishing between good taste and bad taste.

There is nothing wrong with knowingly embracing bad taste, but their is genuine harm when you take something that is as poorly written as a PTA film or Pynchon novel and try to pretend that it is somehow good and/or profound. ("I have so much love to give! I just don't know where to put it!! Whaaaa!" Hahahahaha!!!!!!)

Trust me. You are all definitely mock-worthy.