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Those who fight against Israel are fighting against God, that's why the attacking nations where totally defeated when they attacked Israel in 1967 and will continue to be defeated, Israel was established by God and given to the Jews by God before there were any Palestinians, it was the Canaanites and the Perezites and the Jebusites that were displaced and spewed out of the land that God said to Abraham; "the land that I give to you and your seed!"

The Palestinians never had the land of Israel nor possessed it as a nation, it was a worthless desert when the Israelis came back to their homeland. The Arab nomads that did dwell there sold the worthless land at three and four times the value to the returning Jews.

The Palestinians can easily be absorbed into the neighboring Arab countries that share their culture and religion instead of being used as pawns by the haters of Israel, so before you curse Israel remember God's words who said of Israel, "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you!"
May God bless you Jon!

what will really matter in a hundred years?


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Those who fight against Israel are fighting against God




so Israel was established by god, what about the rest of the world? not god's creation?

you religious idiots are so stupid it hurts to read your posts.


Many American Jews have issues with Israeli policy.

LBJ's mistress on JFK:


So god waited until 1949?


Not only waited until 1949 to give them the land but also allowed 6 million of them to be gassed by the Nazis and did not came to their aid.

It's that man again!!


You think you're making a point by throwing "God" around for ballast but you sound as ignorant and stupid as all the Muslims exploding themselves to kill a few innocent people and thinking God is going to pat them on the shoulders for it.


For every lie I unlearn I learn something new - Ani Difranco


Jon Voight has always been an idiot no matter which side of the left/right paradigm he's on. If fighting against Israel is fighting against god then I'm a heretic and a half. You do you know who murdered Christ don't you? You do know what race of people (no exceptions according to the so-called good book) preferred to free a pedophile than your savior, don't you? And if Palestine was nothing but a worthless desert than why are so concerned stealing land from it? Why should we be willing to fight for land that has no value? Oh, and the Palestinians are a worthless, disgusting people without a culture? They technically didn't have a nation state? Hmm, something tells me you wouldn't have the courage to say that to the American Indians who were conquered who could be described in the same language nor would you say that about the Africans who could be described in the same language who were conquered and enslaved. I wonder why that is? Funny, how the politically correct dogma goes out the window and talk of racial superiority becomes valid whenever the jews need to be defended. And if the jews are so superior than why do they need to live off the American tax payer? You do know that a vast majority of our foreign aid goes to Israel and that the entire country is a parasitical welfare state that is incapable of being self-sufficient. Even the jews highest holy book they discuss how they are parasites. Notice how the symbol of the mossad is the vampire bat and how jews always choose rodents to represent them in cartoons. Wow, just wow, says the beta male. So much for superiority. Ever wonder what the Talmud, the highest jewish holy book, says about Christians?