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Betting on the wrong horse

Jon Voight is a phenomenal actor. No denying that.

But he's been involved with a Runaway Train before. So I guess this is to be expected.

Interesting that neither Voight's IMDB page or Angelina Jolie'/s page mentions their relationship in the bio. I'm assuming that's a choice that both of them made. Leaves one to wonder why.


Look like Jon bet on the RIGHT horse and almost everyone else got wrecked, like crybaby De Niro. If his character had been this lucky on Ray Donovan...


Well, he's bet on all the horses at one point or another.

This year, he certainly bet on the rightwing horse (even if Hillary got 1.5 million more votes) and he'll ride that horse right into Hell.

Dress lightly, bitches!!



This just has started. George W. Bush was worshipped by the same people, everybody cheered when he started another war, and then left the ship like the little rats they are. It will be fun to see how someone like Jon Voight will try to escape the responsibility for whatever the outcome will.


What responsibility?